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Forskningsrapporter udgivet af FMI.


Herunder kan du tilgå forskningspublikationer udarbejdet af FMI:

  • DALO ARTICLE NO. 01/2019
    Dealing with discontinuous meteorological forcing in operational ocean modelling: a case study using ECMWF-IFS and GETM (v2.5)

    Meteorological data providers release updated forecasts several times per day – at the forecast epochs. The first time step (t=0) of each forecast, the so-called analysis step, is updated by a data-assimilation process so that the meteorological fields at this time in general do not match the fields from the previous forecast. Seen from the perspective of oceanographic modelling, the analysis step represents a possible discontinuity in the model forcing. Unless care is taken, this “meteorological discontinuity” may generate spurious waves in the ocean model.


  • DALO ARTICLE NO. 01/2018
    Multiband Polarimetric SAR in Arctic Scenarios
    - Technology demonstration for potential future capabilities

    In relation to a working group on future capabilities for applications in the Arctic region, the Danish Defence Acquisition and Logistics Organization (DALO) has conducted test campaigns with the multi-band, fully polarimetric F-SAR system owned by the German Aerospace Center (DLR) in order to explore the possibilities that advanced synthetic aperture radar (SAR) systems provide for surveillance, change detection, moving target identification and high resolution imaging.


  • DALO ARTICLE NO. 01/2016
    Internal variability of a 3-D ocean model
    Published on Tellus, November 15th 2016

    The Defence Centre for Operational Oceanography runs operational forecasts for the Danish waters. The core setup is a 60-layer baroclinic circulation model based on the General Estuarine Transport Model code. At intervals, the model setup is tuned to improve ‘model skill’ and overall performance. It has been an area of concern that the uncertainty inherent to the stochastical/chaotic nature of the model is unknown.


  • DALO REPORT NO. 01/2015
    On Ensemble Variability in Ocean Modeling

    The Defence Centre for Operational Oceanography, FCOO, uses numerical models to create forecasts for elevation, currents, temperature, salinity and other parameters in the Danish waters. Both nature and the utilized three-dimensional models contain a random/stochastic element.


  • FMT RAPPORT NR. 02/2010
    Forsvarets IKT arkitekturlandskab

    Introduktionen af Netværksbaserede Operationer (NBO) i Forsvaret (FSV) stiller helt nye krav til sammenhæng i anskaffelser af både de operative og administrative Informations- og Kommunikations- Teknologiske (IKT) systemer.
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